Open Mic at Muddy Waters

On Wednesday, February 20, 2014 I headed up to Muddy Waters at 7 hoping to hear a sample of talent from around campus. Muddy Waters is an experience worth having, especially if you’re into live music. Dedicated artists come every week and there are always fresh faces. This is a place where you can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy your night in a comfortable atmosphere and get away from stresses if only for a few hours. Here’s a quick rundown on Wednesday’s performances:

The night started off with a talented musician, Jeff, who played songs on his guitar, all instrumental. He was immensely talented and it was enjoyable to listen to. Next up were two older guys one who sang and played guitar and another who played a fascinating instrument called a Quattro. This instrument looks like a large ukulele but it has ten strings; it made their performance unique and fun to watch. A guy named Sean came up next and performed a few of his own spoken word poems. Two girls who call themselves “Gavin and Corfunkel” played soon after- they had guitars and sang covers. Another girl, Bridget, sang and played her ukulele. After that, two guys Sam and Alex played guitar and sang and a talented artist Dane Jennings rapped. My favorite part of the night was someone named Brock Saltsman. This guy has been playing guitar and singing at Muddy Waters for four years, since he was just fourteen. In all that time he has never once brought a pick or guitar, he just borrows and plays. His voice is incredible and he impressed everyone there.

I was able to experience a wide range of talented acts and I enjoyed the warmth and mellow feeling of the place. If you’re looking for some good music or just someplace different to do your homework on a Wednesday night, Muddy Waters is the place to be.