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WGSU Day: This Friday!

This Friday, October 17, WGSU will be hosting WGSU Day to celebrate our campus radio!

From noon until six o'clock, we will be hanging out in Sturges Quad (the Blake Hall archway in case of rain) bringing you the best music we have to offer. Stop by anytime while we're there for trivia, live entertainment, and the chance to get some WGSU swag. What do you have to lose?

"Jazz," Saturdays 10am-12pm with Brian Remy

Name: Brian Remy

Specialty Show: Jazz

First Concert: Elton John in the seventh grade

Favorite Tree: the Strangler Fig

Favorite Book: The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Best Thing Ever Lost and, Sadly, Not Found: Assortment of his grandfather's hats

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Albus Dumbledore

Sophomore English major Brian Remy first got involved with WGSU in Spring 2013. Since then, he has DJed rotation shows, and this semester he gets to host his own specialty show every Saturday. His show, appropriately named "Jazz," features a wide range of music in this genre.

Brian plays everything from Swing Jazz, with artists like Duke Ellington, to B-Bop with John Coltrane, to Free Jazz featuring artists like Miles Davis.

Brian is from Rockville Centre in Long Island. Besides WGSU, he writes for the Opinion and Arts sections of The Lamron, works as a General Member of Concerts for Activities Commission, and was a TA for INTD 105: War Stories last semester.

Be sure to listen to Brian's show on Saturdays on WGSU: The Voice of the Valley, 89.3FM.

Instrumental Hour Mondays 8-9 p.m. with Sarah Martinez

Name: Sarah Martinez

Specialty Show: Instrumental Hour

Year: Senior

Major: Spanish Education

First concert: Avril Lavigne at age eleven

2014 motto: Dance Party on the Moon 2014

Harry Potter character: Hagrid and Dobby

Favorite Tree & Rock: Willow and palm trees; smooth rocks that can be skipped

If she died tomorrow she would… give away her things, call her mom, go for a walk, play in the snow, and walk around the fields

Favorite thing she lost then found again: She threw her glasses in the garbage of her suite and found it three hours later. Her good ole’ Geneseo ID has often been lost and soon found.

Sarah has been on WGSU since freshman year and has been doing the instrumental show for three years now. Her inspiration for the show is rooted in a thought that occurred to her while listening to instrumental songs: she thought it was cool that one could listen to songs without words and still feel something emotional and impactful. Her show currently includes all instrumental tracks and can be heard from a variety of genres. These include electronic, classical, jazz, and bluegrass. Her show can be heard on Mondays from 8 to 9 PM .

Spotlight Artists - Sam Miller and Alex Fantauzzo

Sam and Alex started playing together because they share a love for performing and learning new songs. Both freshmen, their passion is self-evident. The duo mostly plays acoustic covers. They intend on performing at Muddy Waters and Mics and Mochas (Starbucks stage at 7 p.m. on Thursdays) frequently and might occasionally be joined by some of their friends whom they practice with. This Wednesday they performed “The Weight” by The Band and Brian Wilson and “Bank Job” by the Barenaked Ladies. Alex has been playing guitar for four years and Sam for nine. They are excited to keep performing different songs and heading out to Muddy’s weekly.

Open Mic at Muddy Waters

On Wednesday, February 20, 2014 I headed up to Muddy Waters at 7 hoping to hear a sample of talent from around campus. Muddy Waters is an experience worth having, especially if you’re into live music. Dedicated artists come every week and there are always fresh faces. This is a place where you can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy your night in a comfortable atmosphere and get away from stresses if only for a few hours. Here’s a quick rundown on Wednesday’s performances:

The night started off with a talented musician, Jeff, who played songs on his guitar, all instrumental. He was immensely talented and it was enjoyable to listen to. Next up were two older guys one who sang and played guitar and another who played a fascinating instrument called a Quattro. This instrument looks like a large ukulele but it has ten strings; it made their performance unique and fun to watch. A guy named Sean came up next and performed a few of his own spoken word poems. Two girls who call themselves “Gavin and Corfunkel” played soon after- they had guitars and sang covers. Another girl, Bridget, sang and played her ukulele. After that, two guys Sam and Alex played guitar and sang and a talented artist Dane Jennings rapped. My favorite part of the night was someone named Brock Saltsman. This guy has been playing guitar and singing at Muddy Waters for four years, since he was just fourteen. In all that time he has never once brought a pick or guitar, he just borrows and plays. His voice is incredible and he impressed everyone there.

I was able to experience a wide range of talented acts and I enjoyed the warmth and mellow feeling of the place. If you're looking for some good music or just someplace different to do your homework on a Wednesday night, Muddy Waters is the place to be.

The Districts - Self-Titled EP

The Districts latest EP gives us a look at a band that is sure to make an impact in the future. The wide breadth of their songs illustrates all that they are capable of, from the driving opening track ‘Rocking Chair’ to the folksy ‘Funeral Beds’, they clearly have broad songwriting capabilities. Every song on the album sounds like a band itching to reach the national stage.

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"Grit and Groove" Mondays 9-10 p.m. with Ben Frieman

First Concert: U2 with Keane on their Vertigo Tour in Madison Square Garden back in the sixth grade.

Favorite Tree: Red Maple

Motto of the Year: “Not enough coffee 2014.”

Favorite Rock: The Gabbro rock

Best thing he ever lost then found: Pokémon Yellow Game

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Severus Snape

Since first getting involved with WGSU during his freshman year, Ben Frieman has attended weekly music staff meetings and also hosted his own rotation show while at Geneseo.

As sophomore geology major, Ben hosts his first WGSU Specialty Show featuring noise and derivative genres of music. Broadcasting every Monday night from 9 to 10pm, the show is presently called “Grit and Groove,” but may be renamed “Gritty Mondays” in the coming weeks, says Ben.

Choice tracks include the likes of Sarah Lee, Blast Wave, and Ryojikeda. According to Ben, some people who consider themselves noise fans may not consider the show’s music as noise- let’s see what you think!

Hospitality - Trouble

Trouble is the Brooklyn based indie pop three-piece Hospitality’s second studio album. As a fan of three piece bands in general I was excited to hear how Hospitality would choose to arrange their songs and approach their overall sound on this LP, and I’m happy to say they did not disappoint. The album’s first track, ‘Nightingale,’ is a sweeping array of songwriting styles and ideas, starting off with a heavy and fuzzy guitar riff, traveling through stripped down synth pads and ending with a true-to-the-word poppy full band outro. Hospitality set the tone early on, their songwriting chops are clearly in the forefront of their music.

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Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Angel Guts: Red Classroom, Xiu Xiu’s 9th studio album, is named after the 1979 Japanese erotic film, notorious for its gratuitous use of violence alongside pornography. The album very much lives up to its title. Xiu Xiu has made a pitch-black album, one that takes the side of the aggressor more often than the victim. Tracks like the churning “Stupid In The Dark” and the horrific “El Naco” insist upon their malicious nature, imploring the listener to step further into the night.

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A Music Staff Christmas

Friday was the last day of music staff, which was celebrated with the annual music staff secret santa gift exchange and the taking of this absolutely adorable photo.

Los Campesinos! - No Blues

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe Album Cover

Los Campesinos! fans, fear not, the hooks are alive and well, and maybe even better than ever on the Welsh indie-pop's fifth studio album, No Blues. I was a big fan of the band's 2011 release, Hello Sadness, a typically twee and supremely catchy bunch of songs for L.C., but an album that seemed a little more subdued than the anthemic Hold On Now Youngster…, the band's 2008 debut, and I was curious to see where L.C would head next, and how their sound might change. After listening to No Blues, it's safe to say the L.C apple doesn't ever fall far from the tree. L.C.'s six-person sound is simultaneously epic and saccharine, and as danceable as ever.

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Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe Album Cover

"I had a lot of fun making this album", says DevHynes on his blog, "so I hope you have a lot of fun listening". Cupid Deluxe, Hynes' latest offering under the Blood Orange, comes after a year of production for SkyFerriera and Solange, among others. One definitely gets the feeling that Hynes enjoyed making this album: the fluttering, slinky production and R&B influenced vocals are energetic and passionate, and there are plenty of duets and features.

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Son Lux - Lanterns

While listening to Son Lux's Lanterns, I had a lot of fun imagining a physical orchestra playing his compositions. The idea of the impossibly fast interplay between instruments, the comically bombastic horn breaks, or the effects-laden choir that populate Lanterns existing in a real-time performance is an absurd notion. Son Lux writes big music. Much of it is Phillip Glass-like in its execution, particularly one album highlight "Lost It To Trying", where dizzying horn lines slash across the piece in alternating rhythms. However, the songs on Lanterns are more often aspire to be anthems than experiments. They are imbued with a sense of forward motion and bombast, and sound best when they are at their most frantic.

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Aloa Input - Anysome

Anysome is the debut full-length album from German trio Aloa Input. Before even listening to the album, the title, even the band's name, should give some clues as to what you're in for. The idea of an 'anysome', seems to point fingers in every which way to the myriad of influences present on this album, ranging from The Postal Service, to Animal Collective, to Boards of Canada to Stereolab, etc, etc. Aloa Input has certainly crafted a unique sound for themselves, however, they control their tastes, and blend them into a surprisingly lush album.

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KnightWatch Episode One

Brian and Casey McCormack break down the four point weekend against Morrisville and preview upcoming games against Plattsburgh and Potsdam as the Ice Knights hit the road.

Check out the hockey schedule over at the sports page.

Hockey Preseason Preview

With the Geneseo Hockey season starting on November 1st, WGSU Sports reporters Brian and Casey McCormack went down to the rink and recorded a Hockey Preseason Review.

Check out the hockey schedule over at the sports page.

WGSU Presents The Whale and the Warbler

WGSU worked with Mac's Place to sponsor a CD release party for local band The Whale and the Warbler.

The event featured performances by The Whale and the Warbler and special guest Caleb Spaulding, all broadcast live on WGSU.

If you didn't get to attend, check out some photos from the event!

50th Anniversary Website

In honor of WGSU’s 50th anniversary, we have launched a special commemoration website. On the site you can find photos, archive documents, and greetings from WGSU alumni from throughout the years.

If you’ve ever been curious about what WGSU was playing in the 1980s, check out the site! We found top hit countdowns, old music reviews, and DJ memos going back decades.

WGSU 50th Anniversary

This Monday, February 18, will mark the 50th anniversary of WGSU radio. The station was originally formed in 1963.

The anniversary will be celebrated all year with special programming and events.

WGSU Recognized in Center Ice Ceremony

WGSU 89.3 FM was recognized for 50 years of broadcasting - including many years of carrying SUNY Geneseo Geneseo Ice Knights games - in a center-ice ceremony, between periods of the Feb. 2 Canton-Geneseo game, at Wilson Ice Arena. The event marked the kickoff to the start of a yearlong celebration of WGSU's Golden Anniversary. This is the citation, signed by Geneseo President Christopher Dahl and Vice President Robert Bonfiglio, that was presented on ice during the second intermission.

Left to right: Katie Gaus, WGSU hockey sideline reporter; Chris Morens '07, color commentator (2005-06, 2006-07); Mike Saffran '85, WGSU faculty director; Robert Bonfiglio, vice president for student and campus life; Laura Vitto, WGSU station manager; Steve Bennett '08, sideline reporter/engineer (2007-08), color commentator (2008-09); Andrew Herman, communication department chairman; Mike Mooney, athletics director (Feb. 2, 2013). Photo by Keith Walters.

WALK THE MOON at Water Street Music Hall

I've seen WALK THE MOON twice now. The first time I booked them through the Mac's Place position on Activities Commission with two other Special Event Coordinators for Spring Fest two years ago. Out of the thirty-something bands I've had the pleasure of seeing come through Geneseo, WALK THE MOON is definitely in my top three.

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Death Grips live in Toronto

If I could use one word to describe trip-hop hardcore rappers live show, it would be Epic; which is Ironic because that is the name of the record company that just dropped their contract.

After releasing their second album of the year NO LOVE DEEP WEB to the public, for free, and before the scheduled release date, Epic understandably dropped the ambitious duo.

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WGSU Best of 2012

What do you think is the absolute best song of 2012?

We asked that question to the staff of WGSU and built a playlist with their answers. We got songs from The Gaslight Anthem and Rhye all the way to Wintersun.

Click through to see the whole list!

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WGSU Featured in The Lamron!

This week we were featured in a Lamron Article about the radio station written by Chelsea Butkowski: "Knight in the Life: WGSU staffers foster innovative sound with diverse tastes."

Check out the full article over on the Lamron's website!

From left: Tom Silva, Crystal Zoodsma, Nicole Rahn, and Oliver Horowitz (standing).

The Carpenter

Given their relatively short time in the spotlight, the Avett Brothers have been around a surprisingly long time. Originally formed in 2000 as something of a non-traditional bluegrass band, the group released 5 studio albums and 4 eps before striking it big in 2009 with the ballad “I and Love and You,” off the album of the same name. Since that breakthrough, the brothers Scott and Seth Avett, as well as stand-up bassist Bob Crawford and cellist Joe Kwoon, have moved towards a rootsy sound firmly planted in pop form, and on their new album The Carpenter, they seem intent on consolidating their place in popular music.

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Photoblog Image
The first staff meeting of the year!

I Know What Love Isn't

Jens Lekman had a really cool thing going on for a while. He’d sing about asthma and break ups over four chords, pretty much consistently for the last eight or nine years. It was great. 2007’s Night Falls Over Kortedala was easily one of the best records of the last decades. He was, however, pretty well known also for doing the same thing over and over again. Luckily, his newest LP I Know What Love Isn’t, is (while still clearly maintaining a Lekman aesthetic) a whole different animal.

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Annual WGSU-GSTV Softball Game

Today we had the annual softball game against GSTV. It was a resounding success; WGSU played incredibly well, keeping the game tied at 8-8 to the 7th inning. Unfortunately, in the last two innings GSTV pulled ahead, and the final score was 31-13 in their favor.

More photos after the break.

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The New WGSU Website

Hi everyone! you may have noticed that there have been some changes made to the website. Earlier this week I pushed out a brand new design that gives the site a more bloggish feel. My goal is to regularly update the site with fresh content including station news, album reviews, photos, and more.

Geneseo sports a small, but vibrant music scene. The site will also feature photos, videos and articles regarding all of the great student bands on campus.

If you have anything you would like to get published on the site, whether it be an article or photos, email me at and we can work on getting it on the site. When I say anything, I really mean it. The more content, from the more contributors, the better.



Photoblog Image
2010 T-Shirt Design Entry

Cloud Nothings with a Classic Education, and Sleepy Hahas

There’s nothing better than an $8 show. Except, maybe a really good $8 show.

The Cloud Nothing’s performance at the Ninth Ward at Babeville in Buffalo last Monday (4/2) was fast, loud, and nothing short of amazing.

The show started off with a local band from Buffalo of the name Sleepy Hahas. This quirky, openly communist foursome delivered a strong, in your face performance that started off what would become an energetic night. The keyboardist was the coolest cat in the club with his aviators and leather jacket, and added a unique classic rock vibe to the performance.

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Anarchy, My Dear

On March 13, Say Anything released their fifth studio album on Equal Visions Records. Titled Anarchy, My Dear, the album was promised as a return to Say Anything’s Is A Real Boy style. Front man Max Bemis hailed it as a “true punk record” and assured the die-hard fans of Say Anything’s early records they would see this album as a return to form. Anarchy, My Dear, however, is anything but reminiscent of Is A Real Boy-style Say Anything.

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Baritone Poets Lambchop, Tindersticks Release New Albums on Same Day

Today Nashville based Lambchop released their eleventh studio album, Mr. M on Merge records. Lambchop is a truly original, and delicately experimental band that is rooted in alternative country, but incorporates post-rock, soul, and lounge music influences. They act as a large and changing collective of musicians that orbits around singer/songwriter Kurt Wagner. Wagner's understated, croaking bass and cryptically poetic lyrics are arguably the most distinctive components of the fluid and innovative group.

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Voices of Ages

I really wanted to love this album. Voice of Ages, by the Chieftains, is a collection of collaborations between the Chieftains – one of the most prominent Irish folk bands of the last half-century – and various folk luminaries, including the Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Decemberists. I was ready for it to be one of the best folk albums of the year. While there are some fantastic tracks on the record, there are too many disappointing ones for me to recommend this album to anybody who doesn’t have a vested interest in folk music.

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Sharon Van Etten is a pretty good lady singer. The Internet tells me she writes folk songs about breaking up with people and then being sad about it; rather like a whole other bunch of pretty good lady singers. It’s a good shtick I hear, but it seems to insinuate lack of breadth (narrative, instrumental, whatever). And some of those criticisms have been levied at her previous works, and some of those criticisms were valid. So let me begin the review proper with this: Tramp is a great record.

Let me try to tell you why.

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