WALK THE MOON at Water Street Music Hall

I've seen WALK THE MOON twice now. The first time I booked them through the Mac's Place position on Activities Commission with two other Special Event Coordinators for Spring Fest two years ago. Out of the thirty-something bands I've had the pleasure of seeing come through Geneseo, WALK THE MOON is definitely in my top three.

The important factors in their band haven't changed as they blew up, specifically pertaining to fantastic stage presence. The lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, is a wonderful, energetic being. He is still genuinely grateful to be performing for the crowds, and what can I say? The man has the cutest, most contagious smileā€¦ plus brightly colored face paint. Something unique about his style is that he not only sings while playing the synthesizer, but he occasionally bangs a single snare drum in unison with the drummer. Impressive, indeed.

WALK THE MOON certainly lit up the whole venue and you couldn't help but be a bit dancey and ridiculous. I was really happy to be there, and I saw a bunch of Geneseo students there appreciating the music. The bass player, Kevin Ray, also switched up with a key-tar at one point - always a good time. I can't say that I have any complaints. In fact, they sound the same, if not better, live than on record - which seems to be a challenge for a fair amount of artists today. On the overall, they're a lighthearted, high-on-life sort-of bunch. I hope WALK THE MOON continues to progress, and I have no doubt that they will.