"Jazz," Saturdays 10am-12pm with Brian Remy

Name: Brian Remy

Specialty Show: Jazz

First Concert: Elton John in the seventh grade

Favorite Tree: the Strangler Fig

Favorite Book: The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Best Thing Ever Lost and, Sadly, Not Found: Assortment of his grandfather's hats

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Albus Dumbledore

Sophomore English major Brian Remy first got involved with WGSU in Spring 2013. Since then, he has DJed rotation shows, and this semester he gets to host his own specialty show every Saturday. His show, appropriately named "Jazz," features a wide range of music in this genre.

Brian plays everything from Swing Jazz, with artists like Duke Ellington, to B-Bop with John Coltrane, to Free Jazz featuring artists like Miles Davis.

Brian is from Rockville Centre in Long Island. Besides WGSU, he writes for the Opinion and Arts sections of The Lamron, works as a General Member of Concerts for Activities Commission, and was a TA for INTD 105: War Stories last semester.

Be sure to listen to Brian's show on Saturdays on WGSU: The Voice of the Valley, 89.3FM.