Staff: 2014-2015

Matt Keller

Sports Director/Assistant Operations Manager

Jia Sha

News and Public Affairs Director

Kelly Miller

Marketing Coordinator

Alex McGrath

Music Coordinator

Cassie Nicol

Webmaster @cassiekupo

Grade: Senior
Major: English Creative Writing
Favorite Artist: Daughter
Fun Fact: loves going to Renaissance Fairs
Shoe Size: around 8

Mike Saffran

Faculty Director @MikeSaffran

Favorite artist: This is a toughie because aside from WGSU I mostly listen to top-40 radio... so my favorite is whoever I like among whatever's new at the time. Possibly my all-time favorite song: Dire Straits (with Sting)/"Money For Nothing."
Fun fact: I still have the first car I ever owned, a 1973 MG Midget - a two-seater, convertible British sportscar (they stopped making them in 1979) that I bought used when I was in high school. Though it now mostly sits in my garage, it was my everyday car during the summer of '84, which I spent living in Geneseo.
Shoe size: 13

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